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[20 Nov 2007|09:47pm]
home sweet home, so many things has changed in my house for example, my mom bought a wii... and she didnt even tell me about it!!! damn, mom-wii ... what a good combination hahahaha she just loves playing golf, she is also the top scorer (something like that)

the trip home was shit from i didnt get enough sleep and the kids behind me are monsters from hell .. i had to stopover at singapore and wait there for like 5 hours without food or water or a place to sleep.  well, it was my fault because i didnt bring dollars... i got home at 1:04 earlier than expected :D
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[11 Nov 2007|10:11pm]
christmas vibes? no... i dont feel it here because its not freezing. usually when its christmas season back in philippines its cold, while in taiwan its suppose to be freezing. but here because we are in the southern hemisphere its hot. aside from that i still dont really see christmas decos and people greeting other people and not much christmas carols, maybe im just not use to the aussie way of christmas. well fuck that im going home soon.

okay as usual i shall put up my christmas wish list :D

  • i pod, the 8 gig one
  • cellphone
  • laptop (but im not getting my hopes up,actually just an upgrade would be good)
  • black suit!!!!!!! <<<<<
  • chucks
for some reason this year's list is shorter than usual..
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[29 Sep 2007|12:13pm]
dear bymbo..

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[27 Sep 2007|09:13pm]

Monday: bummed in the house doing reports and got invited to corrine's house with carol and yaling.. feel so awkward cuz im the youngest there. they are all older. the food was great! it reminds me of home...
Tuesday: bbq in shien's house with the amazing grill!! but we ran out of booze shortly so nobody got drunk or thrown into the pool.
Wednesday: reprot report report
Thrusday: when shopping
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[25 Sep 2007|12:02am]
dear ana,

 happy birthday 
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[16 Sep 2007|10:21pm]
what a small world!

a bunch of people came to the place i work for dinner and one of the guy is a sr alumni of i think 2001, i thought he looked familiar!
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[04 Jul 2007|11:00pm]
this winter is not cold enough.. i was expecting it to be very cold after what ive been through..
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[19 Jun 2007|12:33am]
first day at work and ive already fucked up twice. i served coffee to a lady when she wanted hot chocolate. a dude wanted a bottle of some white wine i cant pronounce and i served him a glass but i was able to fix it cuz it was a new bottle so i filled it back and pretend to open it at the bar.

after seeing how a restaurant works "in the back" i dont think im gana be eating out often.... >_<
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[15 Jun 2007|11:39pm]
i got a part time job in a spanish - filipino restaurant ... first day on the job so tiring!

so cold here.. one more reason to buy more stuff :D

omg! i want the new album of nature living and... GC is cool!
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[13 May 2007|10:31pm]
happy mother's day
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[01 May 2007|09:55pm]
happy birthday rosh!
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[25 Apr 2007|11:50pm]
today = holiday wasted

10:00am: woke up and played ps2 and cleaned the house

noon: had some really weird korean cold noodles that looked like shit/black mucus/ ink for brunch

2:30pm: went to indooroopilly thought it was gana open but it didnt only the food court and the cinema is and had lunch with sis and vivian

6 hours ago: cooked dinner with scavenged food from the fridge with consists of alfredo, pizza  tarts and lamb chops

7:00pm: i havnt ate (dinner) at home for like 2 weeks. translation: havnt cooked for 2 weeks. equals: my cooking skills deteriorated...

9:03pm: watched 滿城盡帶黃金甲 (curse of the golden flower) fuck!! it was great, but i didnt understand much of the dialogs cuz it was kinda deep. but the way the movie was shot is beautiful!

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[13 Apr 2007|11:46pm]
woke up at 12:30 today i thought my friend was gana make brunch but she didnt.. instead we went to wollies and bought food. yup so much for brunch we ate lunch at 2:30 we had lamb chops, corn, oysters!!!!, pizza tart, baked capsicum with greek stuffing. yum!!! 

watched 300 today!!! so cool i love it. the movie has violence, sex and supernatural creatures (somewhat like that) which is all that the viewers can ask for.

FRIDAY 13th!!
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[23 Mar 2007|11:57pm]
Hello elljay, long time no see. While my friends back in the Philippines are enjoy their break I am "working" my ass off on school work... not really... hahahahaha 

I swear im gana fail math or pass barely. I find it hard! Or maybe Im just not studying or what they call it here "revision" and going to "tutes" (tutorial). 

I think I wasted my Fridays watching my friends play volleyball. Plus I really feel sick yesterday and today. Oh shit, its this person's birthday tomorrow and there is this "party" and I really dont feel like going...

To friends back home: Enjoy your summer while you still can..
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raining day [21 Feb 2007|08:36am]
Wow its raining so hard outside right now.. Its very tempting for me not to go to class especially when its at 11:00 and the class is academic english.. Its good when it rains cuz its really hot here and also there is a level 4 drought, so its actually good..

oh yah check out what we did for chinese new year, http://sunheadbanger.multiply.com/video/item/4
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[18 Feb 2007|01:09pm]

Okay so here's what I did yesterday. Went to Sunnybank to eat lunch and buy stuff for dinner. Because during the chinese new year's eve we have to stay up all night, or try to. 
Our dinner was hot-pot shit last night was crowded I never thought that 12 people can fit in a small apartment like mine, but it did.The boys did the preparation for the hot pot while the girls play ps2 so tiring when you prepare food for 12 people! and some people have to eat standing up cuz the dining table is too small. After dinner we just sit around and chat while still some more played ps2. Actually no one felt the new year vibe.... maybe because we didnt get any red packets (red envelops with cash in it).. You know how bored it was... when I was fixing my room the girls stormed in my room and wanted to paint their finger nails and being the owner of the Corrine painted mine.. black and Elsa painted Michael's. And now im trying to take it out.
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[05 Feb 2007|08:49am]
new apartment is great, but i have no internet... yet. so i was not able to upload the pictures but i will soon

school is boring and so far my schedule sucks but i hope its gana be better when they change it again in feb. 

so, whatsup people...
okay got to go, im elljaying during i.t. class : )
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change [25 Jan 2007|08:59pm]
school starts in 4 days, im gana go back this sunday, i sure will miss this place. hands down, this is the best "summer" vacation ive ever had. i really look forward to the second sem. new faces ehemchicks, new place to stay and new teacher.

okay so i chopped off my really long hair, i said i would and i did...

really tired .. i shall go to dream land now...
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[09 Jan 2007|10:09pm]

[22 Dec 2006|05:07pm]
Town-ing with Vince the other day, fuck he changed a lot.. Like a major change, He now fucking looks like a rockstar!!! 

Christmas vibes anyone? I just wonder what the food will be in Christmas eve..

So bored nothing to do in the house except to watch OC (hooooorrrrray I finished season 2) and to wait for people to come (they are 1 hour and 4 minutes late already).
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