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today = holiday wasted

10:00am: woke up and played ps2 and cleaned the house

noon: had some really weird korean cold noodles that looked like shit/black mucus/ ink for brunch

2:30pm: went to indooroopilly thought it was gana open but it didnt only the food court and the cinema is and had lunch with sis and vivian

6 hours ago: cooked dinner with scavenged food from the fridge with consists of alfredo, pizza  tarts and lamb chops

7:00pm: i havnt ate (dinner) at home for like 2 weeks. translation: havnt cooked for 2 weeks. equals: my cooking skills deteriorated...

9:03pm: watched 滿城盡帶黃金甲 (curse of the golden flower) fuck!! it was great, but i didnt understand much of the dialogs cuz it was kinda deep. but the way the movie was shot is beautiful!

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