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Okay so here's what I did yesterday. Went to Sunnybank to eat lunch and buy stuff for dinner. Because during the chinese new year's eve we have to stay up all night, or try to. 
Our dinner was hot-pot shit last night was crowded I never thought that 12 people can fit in a small apartment like mine, but it did.The boys did the preparation for the hot pot while the girls play ps2 so tiring when you prepare food for 12 people! and some people have to eat standing up cuz the dining table is too small. After dinner we just sit around and chat while still some more played ps2. Actually no one felt the new year vibe.... maybe because we didnt get any red packets (red envelops with cash in it).. You know how bored it was... when I was fixing my room the girls stormed in my room and wanted to paint their finger nails and being the owner of the Corrine painted mine.. black and Elsa painted Michael's. And now im trying to take it out.
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